Expert Negotiation with Brands

Expert Negotiation while collaborating with Brands.

We ensure the talent gets the best possible deals in terms of contracts, compensation, benefits, and other terms. We also identify brands that align with the talent's image, values, and audience demographics. In most of cases, we initiate contact with brands on behalf of the talent, pitching creative campaign ideas and demonstrating the value the talent can bring. We have experienced negotiators who understand the market rates and can secure the best possible compensation, usage rights, and other terms for the talent. Our expert team members review and revise contracts to ensure they clearly define terms, protect the talent's intellectual property, and minimize potential liabilities. We always consider the long-term impact of each collaboration on the talent's career trajectory and avoid short-term gains that might damage their image or marketability. We try our best to leverage the industry connections and reputation to ensure the talent is treated fairly and respected throughout the collaboration process. Overall, Legit Banda acts as a shield and a sword for their talents in the world of brand collaborations. We ensure profitable and advantageous partnerships while safeguarding the talent's image, career, and long-term success.